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February 14 - 23, 2020

Winner of two (2) Theater Association of New York State (TANYS) Awards: 
  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting (The Cast of Deathtrap)
  • Excellence in Direction (Stephen Sanborn)


"The Two of Us Productions and The Roving Actors’ Repertory Ensemble were well-suited to the task of interpreting and portraying a brilliant execution of Ira Levin’s infamous dark comedy-thriller, DEATHTRAP. Very well cast and extremely well directed, the twists and turns as presented by this talented cast kept us entertained, engaged and guessing until the very end: exactly what you need and desire in a murder/not-murder/murder mystery story. A fine job by a fine ensemble. " - TANYS Adjudicator

Theater Lights

Our 2020 MainStage Season

DEATHTRAP - opens Feb. 14th 

A suspense thriller set in upscale Connecticut!

A successful playwright, an aspiring student, writer,

a wife with money, and more than a few surprising plot twists!


BATHROOM HUMOR - opens May 8th

Witness a party through the eyes of its guests...visiting the bathroom of a swanky house. Special appearance by Elvis. 


CABARET - opens Nov. 13th

In the early-1930s, Berlin is still enjoying the art & music of the raucous 1920s.  What will happen amidst the swirls of brown shirted clouds.


This project has been supported by a grant from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation 

Check out our review by clicking the image


Deathtrap shows us just how cutthroat the business of Broadway can be!


Sidney Bruhl is a successful Broadway playwright looking for his next big success...for 13 years! When he receives a draft play from a former student he knows commercial success when he reads it. What if the play were his?  What is the student were to  “disappear?"


Myra thought she knew her husband, but when he invites former student, Clifford Anderson to the house to discuss edits for his screenplay, she begins to worry about what he would do to get back on top.


Mix in famous Dutch psychic Helga Ten Dorp, and Sidney’s lawyer Porter Milgram, and the Deathtrap is set!

This delicious and twisted tale features a strong & award-winning cast:  Matt Leinung as Sidney, Peter Mostachetti as Clifford, Constance Lopez as Myra, Cyndi Miller as Helga, and John Costa as Porter


MainStage shows play in the Theater at the Copake Grange

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