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The scene is the cozy New York apartment of Luba, a woman successful in business but less fortunate in her private life. She is awaiting a male dinner guest and has engaged a clarinet player to provide romantic background music. Falling into a reverie, Luba begins to reminisce about the three men who have meant the most to her in her life, which leads to a series of intriguing flashbacks. In the first Luba is sixteen and meets Paul, a young employee of her father's, who initiates her into the mysteries of sex, but bores her otherwise. Then comes Jack, a high-powered television producer who is successful, exciting and funny, but also married to someone else. Finally there is George, a rich widower who keeps the house for her but looks elsewhere for love. As the play ends the unanswered question is whether her new dinner companion will, at last, be "the man" she has been searching for, but as the nonspeaking clarinet player so eloquently suggests with smiles, shrugs & instrumental trills, the prospects (measured by Luba’s past) are not too promising.

The Lady And The Clarinet Player features Constance Lopez as Luba, Eamon Martin as Paul, Bill Solley as Jack, John Leinung as George, and Stephen Sanborn on clarinet. The Theater at the Copake Grange’s historic grange hall provides an intimate performance space that brings the audience into this engrossing romantic comedy.

Performances of The Lady And The Clarinet were  Feb. 17th, 18th & 19th, and the following weekend of Feb. 24th, 25th & 26th, 2023.

Theatre Association of NY State (TANYS) Award Winner



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