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Staged Reading Series 2022

The Diary of Saphronia Winter & Two Sharp Knives February 5, 2022


Radio Dramas 2022

Two Sharp Knives:  Police officer Scott Anderson is a pleasant easy-going chief of police in a small town. A simple case of arresting a wanted murderer suddenly changes into a perplexing case of a prison cell death and the dead man’s estranged wife showing up to see the body!

Diary of Saphronia Winters:  A relaxing Florida vacation where Saphronia is romanced by a handsome thrilling-looking man who owns a large vacation hotel in Maine. A romantic but quick wedding, a train ride to the secluded hotel Maine, what could possibly go wrong when he invites her out onto the hotel lawn?

ABC Murders & August Heat February 26, 2022

ABC Murders.png

Radio Dramas 2022

The ABC Murders:  Alexander Bonepart Cust is a remarkable character, created by England's noted thriller author, Agatha Christie. A mild-mannered character whose initials were ABC. And ABC was stamped also upon the large railway timetable he always carried. But there was nothing so odd about that detail since no traveler in the British Isles would dream of planning a journey without consulting this famous railway schedule, the ABC.


August Heat:  James Clarence Withencroft, has been irresistibly driven to draw a picture of a criminal in the dock, immediately after the judge had pronounced sentence. The picture is remarkably detailed, but he does not know this man! Walking on a hot summer day, James suddenly comes face-to-face with the man in the picture!

Sorry Wrong Number & The House on Cypress Hill March 19, 2022


Radio Dramas 2022

Sorry, Wrong Number:  Mrs. Elbert Stevenson is a woman in poor health who is looking forward to her husband arriving home from work. She calls his office number to hurry him home but accidentally overhears a chilling conversation with death. Mrs. Stevenson frantically calls again & again, finally calling the police in a desperate attempt to prevent a murderer from claiming an innocent victim.

The House in Cypress Canyon:  A real estate agent, is checking out the endless delays in constructing some new homes in Cypress Canyon. On the floor beams of one incomplete house he comes across a most remarkable manuscript. It seems to be describing a sequence of some terrible events occurring in that very house. Although it was found hidden in the incomplete house, it seems to have been written AFTER the house was completed and inhabited.

On a Country Road & To Find Help April 16, 2022

On A country.png
April 16.png

Radio Dramas 2022

On A Country Road:  David & Dorothy are a nice couple, husband & wife. They are simply trying to drive home before the rain hits. When they hit a roadblock, David decides to take a short cut through the countryside while anxiously eyeing the approaching storm. While driving along the shortcut they hear a radio report about some gruesome killings by a deranged woman who has escaped and in on the loose on the very road they are driving along!

To Find Help:  Mrs. Gillis is a widow who rents rooms in her house to help make ends meet. She needs a little handyman help around the house and is pleased to have hired a nice young man named Howard to help her. It turns out that Mrs. Gillis is getting something very different than the help she was looking for!

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